About Center

The Angelic Center of Integration under the auspices of the Queen of Angels from Gietrzwald is led by the Congregation of Sisters of the Angels. It's building in Jezowe (contryside in Supcarpathas in Poland). Technically modern technologies will be used. These will be low-energy buildings using natural resources - water heat pumps and photovoltaic panels.

Why angelic?

  • Because it is led by the Congregation of Sisters of the Angels, where the Guardian Angels are the main patrons.
  • "Human life from childhood to death is surrounded by the care and intercession of angels" (CCC 336). Children and seniors are two opposite wings of society that need the most attention and support.
  • The sisters, like their saint patrons want to accompany in discovering the world by children, helping their parents in shaping their children's consciences according to Catholic values ​​and leading to God.
  • At the same time, along with Angel Rafal, they want to stand by the man in his last path, ensure a sense of security, help with illness and suffering, and fill free time with activities that keep seniors feeling valued and needed.

Why center?

  • Because it will be the meeting place of several generations - the coming into force, their parents and the outgoing generation. It will be one of the first places that connects generations in Supcarpathas.
  • In addition to the everyday work of the Nursery school and the Care Home, in the Center will be various events.
  • It will be a meeting place for children, parents, seniors belonging to different local parishes.
  • Beneficiaries will be the inhabitants of the Jezowe and surounding villages, so it will be the heart of the municipality or County.
  • Almost perfect, the Center fits in with the slogan and assumptions of the Jezowe Municipality "TRADITION FOR TOMORROW"
  • In addition, it will be the place of employment for more than 20 people from the Municipality.

Why integration?

  • Nursery School is for healthy and disabled children.
  • Care Home's residents and users will be elderly and disabled.
  • Children and seniors will meet in common activities, workshops, parties, in the garden ... It will be a space of mutual giving.
  • It is possible that every day the Center will be a meeting place for generations, ie. children, parents and grandparents.
  • Children in the Nursery School, seniors in the Care Home will be perceived holistically, ie. as physical, mental, spiritual, social ...
  • The Center will strive to work with local parish churches and communities.

Why the Mother of God of Gietrzwald?

  • He is patroness of the community of Sisters of the Angels in Jezowe.
  • In the upper part of the image, on the two angels supported by the angel, there is the inscription Ave Regina Caelorum, ave Domina Angelorum: Greetings to the Queen of Heaven, greetings to the Lady of the Angels.
  • In 2017 - the year of construction of the Center - we are experiencing the 140th anniversary of the Gietrzwald apparitions and the 50th anniversary of the coronation of the image of Our Lady of Gietrzwald.
  • Gietrzwald - the Catholic Church's only manifestation of the Mother of God in Poland.

Why Jezowe?

  • Answer is not very simple. On the basis of the weave of different events, the actions of independent individuals - it is almost unequivocal to say that the God Himself had been preparing the background for Sisters of the Angels in Jezowe. Why Jezowe and why the Sisters of the Angels - for this moment must become God's secret. Maybe for a few or maybe several decades we will know the answer to this question.