You can help

We thank all those who have been supporting us spiritually and materially during the project. But we encourage and please ask others to co-built the Center.

We received money from the European Union funds to cover

  • 85% of the cost of building a care home and purchasing of furniture and equipment

  • 50% of the cost of building a nursery school.

But the needs are still huge

  1. Preparation of the center for children and seniors:
    • finishing of equipment of the care home to prepare it for residents for daily living - i.e. bed linen, bedspreads, living room rugs, plates, glasses and cutlery to canteen by furnishing living rooms with materials to activity therapy ... and much more.
    • full equipment of nursery school, preparation of children's rooms and specialist rooms - i.e.  furniture, carpets, toys, materials ...
    • land development around the center - design and execution: land alignment, alleys, benches, planting plants, garden for hortiterapy, playground for children ....
  2. During the working of the Center
    The stay of children in the nursery and seniors in the care home will be charged, the nursery school will be partly funded by the grant of the Commune.
    But the law in Poland hasn't allowed for the direct use of state subsidies by private social welfare institutions yet. 
    Upkeep of care home and salaries for employees should be covered by resident fees. That is why we are looking for people of good will who will assist with the ongoing financial support of the House. This will allow us to reduce the monthly fees of the residents, or it will allow to support less affluent people to provide needed care.

Those who want and can help us financially - we invite you to co-create the Center.

All who want to help, regardless of finances,
we please for pray, especially through the intercession of the Queen of Angels from Gietrzwald.